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Diabetes Excellence Center

Alfardan Medical with northwestern Medicine launches the Diabetes Excellence Center

Diabetes was responsible for 6.7 million deaths in 2021 – 1 every 5 seconds. 1 in 10 adults are living with diabetes, almost half are undiagnosed. Diabetes is a global killer and among the top causes of premature death. Qatar has 16.5% prevalence of Diabetes. This disease needs a center with holistic approach to people with diabetes.

To help people deal with this chronic disease, there is need for a center of excellence where all specialist care revolves around the patient. Every individual is different. The Diabetes Excellence Center provides integrated services, personalized care and a management plan to patients with Diabetes.

Anyone seeking treatment for any of the following conditions can visit the Diabetes Center.

  • Pre-Diabetes
  • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity and Weight management
  • Seeking Smoking Cessation Advice

Diabetes claims lives and causes disability. Often, people with diabetes must visit many different specialists in various centers or clinics for the care they require. At AMNM’s Diabetes Excellence Center, patients will be able to benefit from most services under one roof. The Diabetes Excellence Center aims to empower pre-diabetic & Diabetic people, working in partnership with the diabetes healthcare team, who use their combined experience and expertise to agree on what care and support they need.

At AMNM, we strive to ensure patients are receiving the best possible services. We take a multidisciplinary team approach to help us achieve our goal. We ensure covering all areas of your health checks and to help you manage your diabetes in the best possible way.

We will have team of specialists including our Endocrinologist, Ophthalmologist, Clinical Dietician and Physiotherapist who will have a comprehensive approach to management of diabetes and its complications. In addition, we have a Cardiologist in our center for further assessment of cardiovascular risks.

The Diabetes Excellence Center is an important step in the right direction towards Qatar’s goal of controlling Diabetes within the population. We look forward to caring for patients and are proud to be contributing positively to Qatar’s future.

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AMNM’s First Urgent Care Unit in Lusail

Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine (AMNM) is proud to announce the opening of the first Urgent Care Unit in Lusail City.

When your primary care physician’s office is closed, the Urgent Care Unit offers convenient access to high-quality treatment. At Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine (AMNM), our medical knowledge and dedication to individualized care guarantee that patients with urgent medical conditions receive the most appropriate medical care.
At our Urgent Care Unit, non-life-threatening conditions, such as minor burns, minor trauma, headache, chest infection, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, fever, dizziness, etc., can be managed.

Our AMNM’s experienced General Practitioner will assess and manage the patient’s condition, and if deemed necessary, the patient can be referred to one of our AMNM specialists in the fields of: Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Plastic surgery, ENT, and Cardiology.

Patients with critical conditions will need advanced care at an Emergency Department, and therefore, such patients will be offered first aid at our Urgent Care Unit, and then immediately transferred for further management at a tertiary medical center.

All our efforts are centered on our patients. Every member of our team contributes significantly to making sure that our patients and their families always come first. Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine is dedicated to the idea of putting patients first in everything it does, following the American model of healthcare.

Your Health is our Urgent Matter!
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AMNM Launches Doctor Home Visits

Home visits by AMNM is a specially tailored service that offers diagnosis, and recommended treatment to maintain the patient’s functional ability to live in his or her own home.

Consultation, medical instruction, and risk factor identification are all included in our home visitation service. The patient is more likely to make healthy living decisions because of improved knowledge and education, which will lower the likelihood of unwanted hospitalization and illnesses. In addition, this service will evaluate the home environment from a medical standpoint in addition to evaluating the patient.

One of the last things you want to do when you’re feeling under the weather or have a sick child is load up the car and drive to the doctor, let alone sit for long periods in a waiting area surrounded by patients who are also sick and risk your already vulnerable health. This is not only a hindrance to time, but also energy as well as well-being.

You can avoid this hassle and enjoy a care-free experience with us by making an appointment with a doctor who performs home visits. The doctor comes to your doorstep to provide a unique consultation experience, whether it is because you cannot go to the hospital or just because you prefer a location other than the hospital.

This is fantastic if all you need is a checkup, need to manage chronic conditions in a personalized manner, or if you have concerns about a young child. All of that can be done from the comfort of your own home to avoid stress, commute and potentially putting yourself in harm’s way.

The clinical expertise of our doctors can be available at your doorstep in a tailored manner. Home visits are beneficial for patients with acute illnesses, chronic diseases, seasonal flu, and the elderly, impaired or bedridden individuals who find it challenging to visit a hospital due to not having access to medically supervised transportation services or are too sick or frail and could be taking a huge risk when travelling. If you are relying on mobility scooters to get around, this is also an ideal way to get help from your doctor.

Accessibility is our number one priority. We want patients to feel comfortable and secure when they receive care and be assured it will still be of the highest quality. We believe that every patient deserves to receive the best quality of care no matter where they may be or where their situation allows them to be.

Receiving the same care does not require you to visit a medical clinic, especially for a consultation. You can essentially obtain the same medical consultation that would be required within our medical clinic in your own home.
During the visit, the doctor assesses the patient’s health and wellness, suggests further tests as required, and makes treatment recommendations. Depending on the patient’s health, they might also recommend hospitalization or refer the patient to another specialist at our facility which can warrant a legitimate trip.

In addition to a visit to homes, the doctor can also come to your hotel room or place of business for those who are busy or making the most of a trip. Choosing the service of a home visiting doctor offers flexibility and convenience, whether you have meetings to attend, a vacation to save, or you just want the comfort of an on-call doctor at any place of your convenience.

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Executive Health: The Future of Preventive Medicine Get Ahead and Stay Well!

Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine’s Executive Health department offers personalized medical assessments to determine risk factors and predict any potential health problems before they occur. This is especially important with increased stress levels and exposure to work pressure and life challenges, which majorly cause an impact directly on health.

The program includes a general health checkup consisting of consultation with an Internal Medicine physician paired with physical assessment, vitals and lab tests, and a lifestyle assessment consultation with a Clinical Dietician, Audiologist and Exercise Physiologist. The patient is also entitled to choose an additional specialist to their medical record (Dermatology, Dental, ENT, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, Plastic).

“This program is catered to those who want to make an investment in their health and well-being. Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals come together to provide a seamless patient-centric experience.”

– Karah McCourt, Director of Nursing at AMNM

Consultations and tests occur on a private, premium hotel suite with a meal and snacks from the St. Regis for up to 6 hours. The Executive Health Program follows the Patient-Centric approach, where the patient is the center of focus. AMNM crafts and hand tailors a day that makes perfect sense for the patient. All the Physicians, Allied Health, and the Nursing team serve the patient while they are in the suite, to ensure comfort and peace of mind.

Executive Health is an American Preventive Program reinforced by Northwestern Medicine Chicago, Alfardan Medical’s partner, tailored to spot any health issue before they get complicated. Most of these programs are tailored for busy, Corporate Executives, but AMNM thinks it is equally as important for Men, Women, Children, Employees, Managers, Ministers, and even Athletes.

AMNM offers 3 packages for patients’ convenience. At the end, advice such as a diet plan to exercise plan are provided, addressing all the health screenings that need to be done in a year. AMNM believes that Preventive Medicine is the future of medicine and highly recommends any health issue is addressed before it occurs or gets complicated.

“AMNM is proud to offer Executive Health. We have the best caliber of physicians, staff, technology and processes in place.”

– Dr. Nabhan Abou Rjaili, COO at AMNM

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AMNM Surgery Center

A High-Tech Surgery Center with the feature of getting 2nd opinion by Northwestern Medicine Chicago
The Surgery Center at Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine supports the outpatient facility with minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with the unique feature of a high quality 48-hour stay, cared for by a specialized, experienced team of healthcare providers in the comfort of a private recovery room, equipped with luxurious amenities to make their stay at AMNM as pleasant as possible.

AMNM adopts a patient-centric model of care. Each patient receives individualized pre- and post-surgical plans based on their needs, ensuring that they are not only comfortable and safe, but also informed and educated about their health status. Private & Luxurious patient Suites also allow for the maximum amount of discretion when recovering from surgery. Elite catering from across the Alfardan Hospitality outlets is provided to patients upon request post-surgery, to ensure an exceptional patient experience while recovering.

ENT Surgeon at AMNM said, “All surgeons are internationally accredited and equipped with many years of surgical experience, providing nothing but excellent medical care during and after surgery.”

– Dr. Mulham Jaber,  ENT Surgeon at AMNM

All highly trained staff operate under American standards, with an ongoing commitment to provide evidence-based care, tailored to each patient’s needs. The center provides the best surgical service with appropriate expectations set for the patient before, during and after each procedure. Additionally, with the advanced technology available, recovery time is reduced, although a patient will be discharged when staff are satisfied with progress. And a strong collaboration with Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, one of the top 10 hospitals in the United States, enhances the patient experience.

The AMNM team can consult with doctors at Northwestern Medicine for complicated cases live during surgeries and can refer patients directly to Chicago for more specialized treatments, positioning it as one of the top medical facilities in the region.

“Here at AMNM, we have the feature of taking a second opinion from the Northwestern Medicine in Chicago from expert surgeons upon the need which is a unique added value for the patients.”

– Dr. Michela Mallat, Gastroenterologist at AMNM

Current surgical specialties offered include Orthopedics & Sports Injuries, Gastroenterology, Ear, Nose & Throat, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Gynecology, Fertility Medicine (IVF) and Ophthalmology, with plans for further expansion underway.

Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine adheres to international benchmarks and standards of medical infrastructure and services. AMNM offers patients and their families a unique, upscale setting with innovative services and experienced physicians. It extends Northwestern Medicine’s patient-first mission to people seeking premier healthcare services in Qatar.

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AMNM’s Advanced Treatment for Knee Injury

With a growing interest in recreational activities, knee injuries are now more frequently encountered in the general population than ever before. Typically, such injuries were more common in young professional athletes like football players or skiers and could end their professional careers.

Knee sports injuries can occur after a trauma (such as falling during skiing) or from repetitive overuse (such as long-distance runners). Knee disability can also be caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. But to understand knee injuries, we must look closely at the structure of the knee.

The joint is made of 3 articular compartments between 3 different bones: the femur, the tibia and the kneecap or patella. This joint allows most movements such as bending the knee and rotation, which occurs rapidly during intensive sports. Arthritis either means inflammation or wear in the joint.

When an injury or prolonged wear occurs, it usually entails torn, worn out or damaged cartilage, ruptured ligaments, tendon inflammations or ligaments sprains. Symptoms include mild discomfort, which eventually leads to severe disabling pain. Immediate or prolonged knee swelling, disabling pain, deformity and knee locking (inability to extend the knee) are usually a cause for concern and the patient should seek immediate orthopedic opinion.

A surgeon will start treating knees with noting patient history, a detailed knee examination, and X-rays. Depending on the results, the physician may ask for an MRI.

Treatment can be as simple as pain medication, physical rehabilitation, knee braces and rest, or as invasive as surgery or injections. The use of minimal invasive arthroscopic surgery by experienced surgeons is also ideal, reducing pain, risk of infection, hospital stay and leading to a faster recovery. Plasma injections are also a recent enhancement that promotes faster healing.

Whether it is sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine has qualified Physicians, advanced Diagnostic Technology, high-tech MRI, X-ray and CT scan, as well as a fully equipped and high-tech surgery center, to ensure the best possible outcome of knee surgeries.

Post-surgery, patients can benefit from a Clinical Diet Plan and highly trained Physiotherapists to cope with the treatment and aid healing, while strengthening the muscles, nerves, joints, ligaments and bones.

AMNM has a customized and patient-centric approach, dealing with each patient with the utmost care. Our medical facility is private and extremely discrete, therefore, comfortable for patients.

Our surgeon, Dr. Eid, is French trained at one of the most prestigious universities, and has extensive experience in managing and operating sports injuries, trauma patients, and lower limb arthroplasties. He has an impressive background of treating over 100 officers, soldiers, and young athletes.

Whether an athlete or not, knee surgery requires the utmost care and attention. Better understanding of the body and technological advances have changed the prognosis of a knee injury and offered many treatment options that one must take advantage of to avoid long term consequences and discomfort.